Artwork by John Ledger

Culture, commodity, copyright, conglomeration, censorship… the creative industries.

This paper repositions the current state of neoliberal capitalism, and its wide-reaching effects, as the result of the national/corporate struggles to mobilize cheap creative labour while monopolizing the world’s most valuable resource: knowledge.


The global music industries are a complex entanglement of…

“Experience” and “interpretation” ––reuniting the two pillars upholding contemporary theories of self. This essay uses the concept of sound to challenge the Western essential form of knowledge and engender a thoughtful consideration of non-lexical, experiential knowledge-types.

A Case-Study in Listening Habits Across East Africa

Authors: Julien Pallière, Lea Bibeau-Guimont, Julien Greschner, Fred Malecki
Date: March 2019

Abstract: Results from a three-month field study on listening habits across various demographics in East Africa. The goal of the project is to investigate trends in demographics between individuals and their listening habits. The project more largely attempts…

Isomorphisms between Tone and Time

The musical domains of tone and time are commonly distinguished when discussing sound art. Different cultures and their musical traditions can be discerned by the various perspectives and systems they employ when engaging with these domains. There is evidence to support that various musics from around the world exhibit structural…

Julien Palliere

Researcher in comparative musicology; MA Ethnomusicology at SOAS, London.

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